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Welcome to LegalEagle Copy Services

Legal Eagle Copy Service was created for you as a fresh and reliable alternative to fulfill litigation copying needs.

Legal Eagle Copy Service is far more than a company that just copies documents, we provide litigation support. All you need to do is to provide us with the name of the deponent from whom you wish to obtain records and we will do the rest.

Legal Eagle Copy Service will obtain authorizations for the release of those records often required in litigation, including medical, employment, academic, social security, and IRS records. Within 24 hours of our receipt of the executed authorizations, we will forward the requesting lawyer's subpoena to the deponent to obtain the needed records and completed certificate from the record custodian.

Legal Eagle Copy Service will promptly provide you with bound and page numbered copies of the requested records.

Legal Eagle Copy Servicecan also provide you your requested documents on CD or through our client login site.

Legal Eagle Copy Service is a full service litigation copy company that looks forward to handling all your copy and litigation support needs.