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Last year Legal Eagle saved 75 mature trees by providing documents on CD and recycling! Help us save more trees, have your documents provided on CD's!

About Us

Legal Eagle Copy Service is a full service litigation copy service started by a lawyer to address the needs of lawyers. Legal Eagle Copy Service is a Michigan based company designed to satisfy the needs of our legal community. Our goal is to make sure you have everything you need before you really need it. What distinguishes Legal Eagle Copy Service from others is our persistence and professionalism. We know that you need your documents as quickly as possible and that you are relying on our determination to obtain authorizations and records on your behalf. We understand the importance of keeping you updated on the status of your requests, however, we will not burden you with multiple, vague and nondescript form letters to update you. Since Legal Eagle Copy Service was started by a lawyer familiar with litigation needs, we know that your busy litigation schedule requires a reliable copy service and that your clients require that these services be reasonably priced. Our company was created with all of your needs in mind. We have considered the needs and desires of your staff as well, by creating an on-line order form that makes the jobs of your secretary and paralegal easier. You can also download authorizations forms to take with you to your depositions or you can simply rely on us to obtain these signed authorizations once your request has been submitted. It is our pleasure to present to you a trusted litigation copy service that will ease your burden and give you an edge in your courtroom battles. We look forward to hearing from you.