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Last year Legal Eagle saved 75 mature trees by providing documents on CD and recycling! Help us save more trees, have your documents provided on CD's!


Subpoena Delivery Service

As an expansion to our standard Record Subpoena Services, we are now offering hand delivery of Michigan or United States District Court subpoena’s to corporations. As a part of this service we are able to be the document production facility, provide proof of service, record copying or scanning, and bate stamping. If we are the document production facility you will be able to have your records delivered to you electronically immediately when ready or paper format by mail.

On-Line Request

Our on-line ordering form allows us to receive your order within minutes of it being placed. You can rest assured that we will be working on your order immediately. We will have either forwarded authorization forms to the proper parties or forwarded a subpoena for the production of records within 24 hours of receiving your request.

Record Subpoena Services

We are experienced in forwarding subpoenas to deponents for the retrieval of records; including but limited to medical, employment, school, insurance, police and IRS records. Our services begin with obtaining the appropriate authorizations for the release of the requested records. We closely monitor each request to ensure that you receive your requested documents as quickly as possible with the proper record custodian certification. We are able to provide pick-up and delivery of the requested documents and records. The originals will always be returned in the same condition in which they were received. Once the records have been obtained and copied, the records are assembled in the requested format: they may be bound, placed on CD or viewed by the requestor on-line through our client login site.

Bulk Copying and Litigation Copying

We are eager to satisfy all your copy needs, no job is too large or small. We will pick up the originals at any location, copy them and return them to you as quickly as possible. We are also equipped to copy on-site. With every copy job you have the option of obtaining hard copies of the reproduced documents and records which will be bound and page numbered, you may elect to have the records placed on CD, or they may be viewed by the requestor on-line through our client login site.

Securing Authorizations

As part of our record retrieval services, Legal Eagle will secure the proper authorization forms from the proper party. Through our experience, we have available to us not only the HIPAA compliant authorizations, but also each deponent's custom authorization form for the release of your requested records. For your convenience, you may find these forms on our website.